It isn’t a coincidence that Walt Disney chose to have his employee’s first names, and only their first names, on their badges. It is because Walt really wanted to keep his new park friendly and his employees known by a first name basis. That went from the custodial bussers and ride attendants, all the way up to the Imagineers and management.

A Young Walt Disney

Born Walter Elias Disney on December 5, 1901 Walt's interest in pencil drawing as a boy in Chicago was the impetus that led him ultimately to Hollywood. A true American entrepreneur and pioneer in the entertainment industry, today Walt Disney's spirit, and legend is seen and felt throughout Southern California, even though Walt would have been 117 years old today.  

And So it Begins...

Here Walt is photographed standing in front of the orange fields in Anaheim where his dream truly would come alive. 

Grandpa Walt

Who wouldn't want this man, who built Sleeping Beauty's castle in the middle of an orange field, as his grandfather? Pictured is Walt Disney and his grandson in 1955. 

Hi Walt!

A classic snapshot of Walt waving while employees admire their boss. 

When You Wish Upon A Star...

...makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you!