Vintage Disney World Photos Show the Magic Kingdom in the Early Days of the Park

  1. 2 Mad Tea Party spinning teacup ride before the awning was installed

    Disney World’s Mad Tea Party has become a staple attraction in the Magic Kingdom. It was conceptualized to pay tribute to Alice in Wonderland’s Unbirthday Party scene, hosted by the Mad Hatter. Many ideas were brought to the table for this attraction, with earlier versions set with the Mad Hatter’s dinner table in the center of the attraction. 

    The final concept (which opened in 1971) is different from the version guests see today. For the first few months of the Disneyland attraction, the teacups spun on a solid platform before the psychedelic spiral was painted on. 

    These teacups also did not have brakes implemented the first two years, which meant that there was no limit on how fast the teacups could spin! In 1973, the Mad Tea Party added a central teapot, which the Dormouse pops out of from time to time during the ride. Also added ws the colorful awning that guest can see at Disney World today to protect them from Florida’s often-severe heat. In 1992, the attraction was again remodeled and repainted, complete with a new color scheme, music, and lanterns. 

    This attraction is only known as the Mad Tea Party at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom. It is called Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups in Disneyland Paris and Alice’s Tea Party in Tokyo Disneyland. All five versions of the attraction are located in Fantasyland.