Disney’s Adventurelands Around the Planet

As always, we like to start at the beginning, the first and the best! Disneyland! Last, but not least on the list, we check out Disneyland Tokyo

  1. 8 Adventureland Anaheim

    I can almost smell Bengal Barbeque! 

  2. 7 Next up, Orlando!

    The colors, more vibrant and it looks like less of a log-jam as far as the crowds go.

  3. 6 Paris!

    Yes, across the pond in France, Disney's Adventureland goes from a Wild West theme to an Alladin inspired land. 

  4. 5 Hong Kong!

    The lagoon around what appears to be the Swiss Family Treehouse on what could be Tom Sawyer's Island looks sweet! 

  5. 4 Adventureland, er Isle, in Shanghai!

    Check out how pretty Adventure Isle looks in the next picture! 

  6. 3 Shanghai Disneyland; Adventure Isle

    Some of Disneyland's best Imagineers did a great job in Shanghai!

  7. 2 Adventureland Tokyo!

    Looks familiar! 

  8. 1 Adventureland Tokyo

    This image makes us homesick for Anaheim, but admittedly Tokyo did it better as far as their Adventureland looks!